Just because you have graduated,doesn’t mean you still can’t be a part of the band.  We would love to see you at our concerts!  Check out the calendar of events for more events.  See below for more upcoming events
Mr. Monroe, Mr. Newman & Mrs. Sandman, Mrs Grossi, Miss Behalhttp://stowband.org/Calendar.pdfhttp://stowband.org/Calendar.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

So what’s This About?

THE  SMFHS Alumni Night:   September 8th:    SOLON Football Game
For the 2017  SMFHS Football Season we are again hosting an Alumni Night Band Reunion/Performance.  Please join the current Bulldog Band for a mass-band halftime show performance.  Worried you can’t play anymore, that’s ok, the HS kids will be playing along side you and all students and alumni will be using music...... so don’t worry!  We will practice at 5:30 PM before the game (which starts at 7pm). All you need to do is march across the field.  To better organize the event make sure to register.  Please understand the availability of school owned instruments may be limited so first come, first serve.  Music may be downloaded from the link once you register and you may chose the part you wish to play.
Stow-Munroe Falls Band