A Work in Progress

"Our Bus"  Old 23
3 Seats Left
The Back of the Bus
We need some Fiberglass work!
Got Rust...........
Got More Rust.......... Last View before DEMO!
Window Got to Go!
This bolt needs some persuasion
Where did the Seats go?
Mr. Lloyd preparing the new panels
Mr. Cannon primes new window panels
Only 30 more to go!
Mr. Sandman Places the Panels
Almost there......
Mr. Davis joins the fun.

Panels done, plywood placed on the walls,
Painted White!!!!!
"Stow, I think we have a problem"
Hole under front window, about the size
of a soft ball.
Fiberglass Fixed......
Thank You To Our Sponsors
Konic Heating & Cooling

Shelves get Built.
We've Got Some Shelves In! Tuba & Bass Drum Shelves
See the Article about the Band
Bus from the
Stow Sentry:
Another View
Mr. Barnett Works on the Windows
New Lighting for Side of Bus!
Adding a new home for snar drums
One Side almost done.
Snare Drum Home. Red Flashers Replaced with Clear Lights!
It's been a long day! No Sharp Edges Our Fan Club Marching Baritone Shelf.
I think this bolt is too long....... Not anymore. Ah, Fireworks, Quads Cabinet is done! Keyboard Cart and Mellophone Shelf
This is how you clean a BUS!
It Fits!!!! Harness Rack & Marching Baritone's Shelf This is how we paint the bus.
Trumpet, Saxophone & Trombone Shelves.
Out new (Cut Down) Jump Seat
Give Me a "S"
Looks Good Mr. S!
\ \
Mr. Schueneman's Paints the B
Looks Great!
Shelf Painted!
Check out our new Flood Lights
Hope we never have to use this!
Newman !  Off the Bus! Cargo Nets Installed I'm glad this is the last day of the build!
Rope Lighting Installed by Mr. Brown
Almost Done on the Inside!
Mr. Shueneman completes letters
"I Saw Harry Potter do this.  Why can't I?"
Sealing the Roof
Mr. Sandmann sings music from
 West Side Story
Mr. Kline is not impressed!
The Outside is Finished!!!!

Packed For Band Camp
Everything Actually Fits!

The Band Bus Pit Crew:  Give these guys a hand!