Stow-Munroe Falls High School Band

Get in Shape!  Start walking, stretching and exercising a few times a week.  Many injuries that are experienced during marching band are due to the fact many of us have been pretty sedentary.  If you would like a workout plan let me know!
Wear Light colored, moisture wicking  clothing
Wear A keep the sun off the top of your head.
Wear the Appropriate Shoes (Sandals are not permitted)  Cross Trainers & Trail Shoes provide the best lateral support.  A list of shoes has been placed on our website:  
Wear Socks
Wear Sunglasses with UV protection
Wear Sunblock including Chapstick or Blistex for your lips: Donít let yourself get burned
Bring a Bottle of Water to keep with you or on the sidelines.
Avoid Energy Drinks and Caffeinated beverages.  Drink plenty of Water, Milk, Juice or Gatorade.
EAT!  During camp you might not feel hungry but you need to eat!

**     Anytime you feel ill, tell a director immediately. **


        Please understand school dress codes are in effect at all band rehearsals. 
The following should be guidelines should be followed:
        1.      No Tube Tops or Low Cut Shirts/Blouses.
        2.      No Bare Midriffs.....shirts should cover the upper body.
        3.      No Inappropriate Language or Pictures on Clothing Including
        4.      Shoes and Socks Are Required At All sandals.

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