# Represent Year Performed,  Sp= Spring,  C= Contest,  S= State,  C/S= Contest & State, X=Winter
Aladdin,  Selections from Menken/ Jennings 00-Sp
Alpheus Concert March Leckrone 00-C
Ancient Air and Dance Del Borgo 03-C
Annabel Lee Wagner 02-X
Aquara Higgins 99-Sp
Aventura Swearingen 95-X, 04-X
Ballad and Dance
Bells of Christmas Higgins 96-X,  00-X
Berscuse and Finale from the Firebird Stravinsky/Curnow 97-Sp
Beyond the Horizon Behrman 04-C
Big Cage King/Monroe 01-C
Blue Ridge Saga Swearingen 01-Sp
Braveheart, Music From Horner/Bocook 04-Sp
Call to Victory King/Swearingen 02-C
Cartoon Carnival Bullock 02-Sp
Chesford Portrait Swearingen 95-Sp
Coast Guards King/ Swearingen 97-C,  03-C
Crossgate Barnes 01-Sp
Declaration Overture Smith, CT 95-C
Dedicata Shaffer 96-C
Dinosaurs Bukvich 99-Sp
Electricity Bukvich 04-Sp
Encanto Smith, Robert 94-X,  99-C
Exhaltation Swearingen 00-Sp
Family Christmas, A arr. Swearingen 95-X
Fanfare, Ode and Festival Margolis 98-X
Fanfare Processional on an Old English Carol Smith 02-X
Festivo Nelhybel 01-C
Flight of Valor Swearingen 04-Sp
For the New Day Arisen Barton 03-Sp
Freedom City King 95-C,  00-X
Freedom, Justice, Honor Longfield 00-X
Heatherwood Portrait Barnes 02-C
Herndon Exultations Smith, R 03-X
Holiday Grundman 96-X
Hollywood Milestones Higgins 97-Sp
Home for the Holidays (There's no place like) Stillman & Allen/ Clark 03-X
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Hague/Clark 97-X
Insignia O'Loughlin 03-C
Into the Storm Smith, R 97-X,  01-X
Intrada Festivo Bulla 97-Sp
Jeckyll & Hyde, Selections from Waldhorn/Bocook 99-Sp
Smith, R
Laurel Mountain Overture Court 97-C
Legend of the Ida Glenn Huckeby 98-C
Let It Snow Swearingen 94-X, 98-X
Lion King, Broadway Selections
Main Street Celebration Reineke 03-Sp
Nathan Hale Trilogy Curnow 99-X
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Sousa/ Bullock 01-X
Of Dark Lords and Ancient Kings Barrett 02-Sp
Of Pride and Celebration Swearingen 97-C,  02-X
Olympic Fanfare & Theme for the Flag Curnow 96-X
On A Winter's Eve Swearingen 01-X
Parade of the Bumbling Wooden Soldier
Pictures at an Exhibition Moussorgsky/Curnow 90-Sp, 95-Sp,  02-Sp
Place Where the Reeds Were Destroyed, The Hilliard 01-C
Prairiescape Sheldon 99-C
Prairiedances Holsinger 03-Sp
Prelude, Hymn and Fugue Hosay 00-Sp
Regenesis: Song of the Planet Higgins 96-C,  04-C
Revenge of the Dark Seekers Melillo 98-X
Ring in the Joy Swearingen 03-X
Romanesque Swearingen 02-Sp
Sayonara Van der Roost 99-X
Santa Songs
Shaker Variants Del Borgo 97-X
Silvercrest Swearingen 96-C
Songs of Heritage Williams, C 02-C
Sounds of the Season Moss 02-X
Snakes! Duffy 95-Sp
Stark County Fair Band Feldbush 04-C
Stormquest! Melillo 98-X
Symphonic March von Weber/Cacavas 99-X
Thanks for the Memory Rainger/Vinson 04-Sp
Threnody Akey 00-C
Symphonic Suite from Dances with Wolves Barry/Bocook 01-Sp
Traditions of Christmas Davis/Longfield 94-X
Trimuph at Cho Sin Melillo 98-C
Valley Forge March King 99-C
Valse Lyrique Himes 04-C
Variations on a Ninth Curnow 95-C
When the Saints Go Marching In Ployhar 03-Sp
Where the River Flows Swearingen 95-Sp
Where Mythical Beings Play Curnow 00-C
Yuletide Fete traditional/Forsblad 95-X