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Second Year Band Program Goals

The goals of the Stow Munroe Falls Lakeview Intermediate 6th Grade Instrumental Music Program is to allow each student to:

  • Enhance their musical development:
    • Continue to play a musical instrument using proper posture, hand position and tone quality
    • Expand an awareness of keys (tonalities), a means to decode rhythms and techniques for good tone production
    • Demonstrate an understanding and respect for different musical styles and their links to various cultures both past and present
    • Continue to develop the ability to set individual goals, maintain a good work ethic and realize a sense of achievement upon completion
    • Continue to practice the ability to work towards common goals in large groups
    • Continue to respect the talent and diversity of others while participating on a musical team

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Dear Second Year Parents,

The Stow-Munroe Falls Band Program is pleased to enrich our curriculum with instruction in instrumental music.  During this year you will see and hear a vast improvement.  This is year is an important set in moving to Kimpton and eventually participation in the SMF High School Band.  This year also presents students with the oportunity to try "color" instruments: oboe, bassoon, baritone, and tuba at no additional cost to the students as these instruments are school provided.

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Second Year Band Rehearsal Schedule

All instrumental students will again receive small group lessons one day a week for 30 minutes.  Lessons will take place during the student's leap time.  With this innovative program, student will not miss any classwork.  Full band will begin almost immediately this year.  These large group rehearsal will be before school on Tuesday or Thursday mornings  from 7:30 - 8:10 a.m.  This full band experience is in addition to the student's weekly lesson.

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Second Year Practice

A studentís success on a musical instrument is dependent upon not only positive participation in group instruction but on daily individual practice. Seoncd year students should practice 20-30 minutes daily to reinforce the good habits introduced in class. Students will maintain a weekly practice record that will be monitored closely by his/her instructor.

Students can work to ern stickers for special activities or meeting their weekly practice goal of 100 minutes.  Each month, the top sticker winner from Mr. Monroe's, Mr. Newman's and Mrs. Sandman's classes will be entered in a drawing to win special prizes.  The prizes will be drawn at concerts!!!

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Materials Needed for Second Year

All Band students will need the following:

  • An instrument in good playing condition
  • A Wire Music stand
  • Name label on instrument case
  • Pencil to be stored in instrument case

In addition:  all woodwind students (clarinet & saxophone) will need the following:

  • A minimum of three reeds in good playing condition
    (strength 2 1/2 for clarinets and saxophone)
  • Reed guard that will accept two or more reeds
  • Cork grease
  • Cleaning swab appropriate to the instrument
  • Standard of Excellence Enhanced Method, Book 1 (we will finish it)  & 2 for the appropriate instrument.

All brass students (cornet, French horn, trombone, baritone, and tuba) will need the following:

  • Valve oil appropriate for the instrument (except trombone)
  • Tuning slide grease
  • Standard of Excellence Enhanced Method, Book 1 (we will finish it)  & 2 for the appropriate instrument.

All percussion students will need the following:

  • Fresh Approach to Snare Drum & Fresh Approach to Mallets by Mark Wessles  (purchased from the band dept for $30)
    • This also includes a better pair of snare drum sticks.
  • Percussion kit (including orchestra bells and practice pad)

*All percussionists will continue to learn bells in combination with other percussion instruments.

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