The mission of the Stow Munroe-Falls Band Program is to provide a quality music education to all students.  Our focus is building quality by focusing on the individual performer. Concert bands, marching band, small ensembles, and solo experience leads to a well rounded player. Performance opportunities, especially those through the Ohio Music Education Association, are encouraged for all. Additionally, through the band, students will learn: a feeling of belonging, team work, time management, dedication, self esteem, leadership, cooperation and responsibility.

About the Stow-Munroe Falls Band Program

Elementary Band Program
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High School Band Program

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     Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools, located 30 miles south of Cleveland and 10 miles northeast of Akron is one of 17 school districts in Summit County, Ohio.   Our district serves the cities of Stow and Munroe Falls, a combined population of over 35,000, and  currently serve 6,300 students enrolled in our nine buildings

     Each year over 600 students participate in the Stow-Munroe Falls Band Program.   Instruction begins at Lakeview Intermediate School where 5th grade students are given the opportunity to learn one of the six beginning level instruments (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, & Percussion).  At the fifth grade level, students receive one half-hour like- instrument group lesson during the school day during a LEAP (Lakeview's Enrichment and  Activity Period) period.   In addition, students participate in a full band experience one morning a week for 40 minutes before school.

     At the sixth grade level student continue instruction during their LEAP period and receive a full band experiences before school. At this level student are also introduced to color instruments. Student have the choice to try the oboe, French horn, baritone horn, bassoon or tuba.  All these instruments are school owned so students do not have the expense of renting an instrument.

After sixth grade students graduate to Kimpton Middle School where they receive 50 minutes of band instruction each day. There are two bands at Kimpton:  the seventh grade band and the eighth grade band. At this level our focus is placed on ensemble playing both in large group and small groups. Both bands participate in OMEA Adjudicated Events (Band Contest) and many students may participate in the OMEA sanctioned Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events. As part of the Kimpton Band Program students participate in a high school football halftime show with the high school marching band. This is an extremely exciting and fun event for the jr. high students their parents.   Top band students at Kimpton may be selected to participate in Junior High Honors Bands where the  top musicians from four surrounding middle schools work together to create beautiful music.  Finally, Kimpton's award winning Jazz Band is an extracurricular ensemble meeting one night a week.  Students are invited to participate by chair placement in a band.

The High School Band Program is the largest organization at Stow Munroe Falls High School.  Over Two hundred and forty students participate in our marching band,  four concert bands, and two jazz bands. The SMFHS Bands performs over twenty-five times each year including football games, pep assemblies, band shows, parades, winter concerts, district & state level competitions, spring concerts and for community events such as the Stow 4th of July Parade, Memorial day, honors/recognition ceremonies and graduation.  On occasions members of the band have been asked to serve at military funerals.  Receiving superior ratings  at competations and performance invitations to Bowl Games, the Stow-Munroe Falls High School is known statewide and nationally for the excellent band program it has developed.   Students enrolling in band receive one credit for the class.  Because of this, students must participate in both marching band and concert band.

     Our marching band season begins in June with reading of the music for the next marching season. Students have all summer to learn the music. The band also participates in the Stow 4th of July Parade. The rest of July is band free.

     August brings the return of the marching band. Students begin rehearsals on during the first week of August,  meeting daily from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. To assist new marchers during the first week back we also hold two freshman/new marcher rehearsals on Monday, and Wednesday, from 10:00A.M. to Noon.  During these session students receive additional assistance in memorizing their music and marching techniques. The SMFHS Band Camp is held at Edinboro College, Edinboro PA during the second week of August (Sun-Fri).   There is a fee for band camp and students may participate in fundraisers to help defray the costs.  All students must attend. Once school begins, the marching band rehearses daily during the school day as well as Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00.

     In early November students audition for placement in one of the four concert bands.  Each band is ability based so students are placed where they will be the most challenged.  All four concert bands have achieved statewide honors. The ensembles are:

The Wind Ensemble:

The Wind Ensemble is the highest level performing ensemble at SMFHS. Student perform difficult musical selections usually reserved for college level ensembles. Considered the honors level class of the band departments ,  it demands daily practice in addition to that spent in class.  Class size 55-70 students.  This band competetes in OMEA Adjeducated Events, class AA and was selected to perform at the OMEA State Professional Convention in 2000 and for the Ohio American School Band Directors Association Ohio Convention in 2005 and the Ohio Band Director's Conference Hall Of Fam in 2008.  The Wind Ensemble has also been asked to performing with bands from Kent State University and the University of Akron.

The Gold & Maroon Symphonic Bands

Both the Gold and Maroon Symphonic Band are designed as a mid to upper level high school performing ensembles.   Class size is between 70-90 students.  This ensembe competes in OMEA Adjeducated Events,  class B or A.  It is the intention that both the Gold and Maroon band will be equal in performing level.  With that in mind,  both bands will be balanced with the same instrumentation.

The Freshmen Concert Band:

The Freshmen Concert Band is a new concept to the band department.  Freshmen students will be placed in this band less they pass an audition for an upperclassmen band (Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble)  These audition will take place during the spring of the student's 8th Grade year.   This ensemble participates  in OMEA Adjudicated Events, class C.
      Students who are unsatisfied with their placements at auditions or anytime throughout the year are permitted and encouraged to to challenge within their band or into a higher level band. The high school band is a strong supporter of the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events. Each year more than 60 ensembles and soloists participate in this event.

As an extracurricular activity, the band program features a Jazz Band Program.   Students may audition for placement in Jazz 1, and anyone may signup for Jazz 2.   Jazz Band begins in November following marching band season and rehearses Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00.